Renting an Apartment instead of a Hotels

We had never in the past thought that this would be our major mode of stay when traveling but once discovered it is an awesome way to save and make the most out of your stay. Below is a list of why this is the best way to stay on travel while still maintaining a luxury vacation.


1- Apartments are Cheaper than hotels, and in some cases motels as well.

2- Has a kitchen that can be used.

4- Most of the time you get a better location than the same price staying in a hotel. This is what happened to us in San Fransisco and Hawaii.

5- People are always friendly and you can ask them about the place and where to go for local hangouts.

6- If you are on a budget, you can save by eating breakfast and making sandwiches for lunch and keep all the money you have for an outstanding dinner.

7- Depending on the apartment, you can get private amenities such as a private barbeque are and even a private pool. This is what we had in France.

8- Why bother with taxes, services fees, property fees etc that some hotels have. With apartment rental, the price you see is the price you pay.


1- Might still be expensive in some cities and would only make sense when its more than one person staying there to split costs.

2- No one will clean after you everyday and no maid service in most of them until after you leave.

3- Some Apartments you would rent might not have ACs, Heaters, Phone etc so it might be difficult to use some facilities that you might need. Just watch out with the amenities that you need prior to renting it and make sure you discuss this with the renter.

4- Some people are nervous renting from someone you dont know anything about. Thats why, its best to always look at reviews and what people say about the renter and their place.

5- In some places, such as mexico, staying in a resort package is so cheap it does not make sense renting an apartment given all what you get with a resort package.

We hope we have convinced you to rent instead of book a hotel in for your next trip for some cities.

If you need to check what services we offer prior to traveling, check out our resources page for details.

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