Traveling/Wrestling Dilemas

WHO’s Your favorite Wrestler !? Um i mean travel country !?

So join us in this debate about what wrestler you admire and which country you loved visiting.

Heres a list of my favorite all time wrestler: THE ROCK.

Yes, that is it, the rock it is. Love him and nothing will change that, even though he is acting.

Can you smell what the rock is cooking” is not ordinary phrase and he mastered it.

Now, back to traveling…

So here are some countries that i am loving on my MUST GO TO list!

  1. ITALY ……. yes it is at the top of my list and highly recommended. Why ? Its got it all, the culture, the history, the beauty, the charm and the adventure. Cons: Didn’t like the food much unless you eat in the town of cinque terre. There was not much food variety and seems the same everywhere.
  2. ¬†FRANCE …. why i chose is because you cant get over the amazing mountain views, the beautiful beaches and the nice country side.
  3. Spain … ofcoarse i cant forget that day that i saw AL HAMBRA … it just took my breath away!
  4. Thailand… yes most people backed packed there and loved it, but the reason why i selected it is because you can go there and never get sick of the food, the lovely and best beaches and the lovely forests. Ofcoarse the cons are, if you like cultural activities, this is not the place for you and if you are disturbed from tourists, it is also not the place fo ryou are it is full of it and can be very annoying.

So I know some people will disagree on some of my opinions, … write your comments below and let me know about it !