Best Travel Advices

Travelling is always fun and full of thrill and excitement. Visiting a new place needs preparation and planning. You have to be smart on your planning to make your travel even more safer and easier. So here are some travelling advices from frequent travelers.


Hotel Rates

You will need to stay on a hotel while travelling unless you have your own accommodation facility there. The hotel rates may vary on different occasion. For example, if you are travelling during a time of a festival or conference, the hotel rate may go up. Hotel rates are generally high during weekdays, as most business personnel stay in those. But when they leave the hotels during weekends, you will get a lower rate on the hotel. So compare before renting a hotel, you can save a lot of money with that process. Try to book hotels during the weekends.

Keep Dried Gingerroot in Bag

This advice may sound strange but it is recommending during travel. It can help you to tackle cruise sickness. Many travelers feel sick on the ocean when they are in a cruise ship. It is sea sickness and it happens to most people. Gingerroots are very effective to combat this kind of sickness. You don’t want feel sick instead of enjoying your travel. Keep some dried gingerroot with you and it might come in very handy.

Organized Packing

What you are carrying with you is the most important part of travelling. So packing is a very important process before travelling. Never rush with your packing, you may forget something important. Visiting a new place means exploring the unknown, it will be difficult to find items there which you need badly. So it is better to pack things you will need during travelling. Organized packing can make your travel a lot safer and easier. Also carry larger bags if you need to carry more items.

Dress Smart

It is very important that you are comfortable with your dress up while travelling.  Always wear something comfortable, no need to dress too much. Some nice fitted trousers and sweater can be a good combination while catching a flight. This kind of dress up also makes the security checkup lot faster and easier. If you are wearing complicated dresses, the security check will take a lot of time and you may even miss the flight. Dress smart for the occasion.

Eat Local

Food and accommodation are two of the major source of expenses while travelling. Most of us make the mistake of eating like a tourist while travelling to a new location. The best thing to do is to dine like a local. In that way you will be able to enjoy all items and also save some money. There are some expensive food items to attract tourist. Don’t fall in those traps. Enjoy regular foods which are unique for those locations. If you are in a country where English is not the local language and you find a restaurant menu in English, avoid that restaurant. Also never ask for restaurant recommendation.

Travel Tips for Wise Travelers


There is not a single thing which can be called boring when it comes to travelling. It is one activity which is always fun, thrilling and exciting. You will enjoy every moment of your travelling whether you are alone or with your family and friends. But sometimes travelling can cause some trouble if your trip is not well planned. You want to enjoy food, sights and learning new things when set off to visit somewhere. However, you must ensure that your travel is full of enjoyment rather than worrying about something. So here are tips you should follow if you consider yourself to be a wise traveler.

We often arrange everything long before the actual travel time. However, last minute arrangement is the most important thing about traveling. You will find plenty of websites containing information about last minute travelling arrangement. If you are already hired a travel agent, you can ask for suggestions. But you are responsible for your travel arrangement, not the agent. You must make sure you got everything before setting off to a new place. Your travel must be about excitement and enjoyment, not about worrying about things you have left behind. So prepare well and enjoy the trip.

Last minute travel decision often results in disaster. You should plan your travel long before the actual travel date. If you are planning a travel on holidays, you should check the travel tickets, hotel accommodation and many other things. You should book the hotels weeks before the actual travel date, also have tickets of your way transportation. In that way, everything will be in order and you won’t have to be disappointed about anything. If you can’t arrange any transport ticket you will have no means of traveling to the destination. There is no point of making this kind of last minute traveling decisions.

The expense during the travel is an important thing you must consider before traveling. It is recommended that you make a list of all the expense source during the travel. You may have a limited budget that you want to remain within, but it is very difficult to stay within that budget. You are not likely to visit a place often, so maximize your travel expense and make sure money is not being an obstacle. The food should be on the top of your travel expense, then you can put the accommodation. If you are taking your kids with you, your travel cost is likely to rise.

Whenever you are traveling to a new location, it is very important to know about that place. You can research a bit on the internet about that destination before traveling there.  You are likely to face new culture with different rules and regulation. It is very important that you respect those rules. You will discover plenty of exciting things to do on the internet, which your travel agent may not told you about.

What Travelling can give you?

The world is getting tougher and harder. Everyone is busy as they are busy with their own life. In the hectic schedule of life, it is very hard to find time. However, a person needs break from everything to have some time to have fun. People often misjudge the fun and entertainment as computer games, movies or even parties. However, these do not have long effect. If you really need some long lasting entertainment, then there is nothing better than Travelling. There are ranges of benefits that travelling can bring with it apart from letting you witness the wonderful sceneries, heritage and many more. If you are looking to live a quality life with fun, entertainment and of course quality, then travelling is the only way to give you everything at a single time.


Stress Relief

Your profession and work can give you really ache. The stress has been identified as the prior reason of unhealthy habits and poor health. Travelling can reduce the stress by considerable amount and you can spend time with your loved ones in the lap of the nature free from all the responsibilities and duties. This does not help you to relax and calm your nerves and mind but also rejuvenate you for the challenges. It is considered that travelling does not only act as entertainment for people but sometimes it even works better and faster than medicines. Nature has a big role to play in it as well. Healthy nature can stabilize the mind and body.

Fitter Health

Well, as far as the physical health is concerned, the travelling has effect in that as well. The frequent walking and activities can help you to gain the fitness yet again. There are many places for adventures and that can be one of the best for your health as well. It can reduce your weight and make you fitter.

Relationship Benefits

In the daily life, you hardly get time to get along with your family, spouse, children and others. It is often seen that travelling reconnects the people as they share better relationship equation. It has been seen that people have stronger bonds when they travel together. This is not only because you spend time together but how you time spend time together. Travelling is bliss for those people who are struggling for a better relationship.


It is said that happiness cannot be bought from the stores. It is something that comes from inside. Travelling opens you up and gives you the much needed boost. If you are healthy and start loving your life, then happiness will follow you. It is just how you are living rather than how long you are living and travelling can improve the quality of life by considerable extent.

There are huge benefits of the travelling but the prime reason of travelling is to get the normal life back. You can enjoy your time and at the same time you achieve many things that you cannot do it in normal life.

How you can improve your life by traveling


Life is becoming harder and anxious with each passing day. It has been observed that people are less enjoying and more working. But is that changing anything? Well, certainly it is changing the dynamics of the lifestyle. You can earn money but the lack of time is taking away the peace and fun from the life. The best way to give some fun and entertainment to life is to travel. Traveling does not mean that you need to roam around the world from ocean to mountain. It is about taking out some time with your friends and family and enjoys the tranquility of nature.

Where to travel

You can travel anywhere you want. It can be a country side place and it can be in another country. When it comes to fun and entertainment, the destination does not matter, the companion and the time spent at the place matter. However, it is better to choose a place with natural abundance and beauty. You may choose a place nearby if you have less time and budget constraints.

Meet locals

We had the great fortune of meeting friends owning a pest Control company in one of the hotels. They were  great company though we had originally called them suspecting bed bugs, though when they checked our beds, they had informed us all is ok. They showed us all over the town and that’s what most people should do is meet locals as this is the best way to see the town.

What to do

Travel is the best way to take out time for the passion and life. You can enjoy some time with your loved ones at the river side. The time spent for the adventures are also great to reduce the stress of the people. You can enjoy rafting, paragliding, trekking, surfing and many more to have fun while traveling. The best part of the traveling is to remain active and participate in various activities. You can also revive your old passion that has lost with the time. You can carry your camera along with you and then take some of the pictures. These will also help you to treasure the memories.

Why Travel is important

Travel is important for life for multiple reasons. Everybody starts developing mental fatigue with workload and tension. The fatigue is not only harmful to the mind but also a root cause for several diseases. However, you can overcome all the fatigue and tensions with entertainment and fun. The best part about traveling is that it gives you the required fun and entertainment. Also, it benefits your health by numerous ways. So, it is not only relieving your tensions but also giving you the much-required health and peace.

Can Travel improve your life?

Travel can improve the life by a considerable amount. There are many factors behind it. The most prominent one is that it can change the schedule of your life. On the other hand, your body and mind need rest and the travel can give you the same in adequate amount. You can easily arrange to travel and then can enjoy time with your loved ones. So, if you want to have short term entertainment and fun, you can head toward a club and enjoy the party.

However, if you want the fun for a long time and want to carry on the impact of it for an even longer time, then travel and improve your life and lifestyle.

Southeast Asia Traveling Tips


The Southeast part of Asia is one of the most attractive traveling destination for tourist. Every year thousands of tourist come here to enjoy the amazing natural beauty of this place. There are plenty of things to see here if you are traveling for the first time, the fields, rain forest, beaches and many more. If you are a history lover than there are plenty of historical ruins here to discover. You can spend the day as an explorer and the night in beautiful warm beaches. The visa applying process is also very simple for this part of the world. Here are some tips if you are planning a Southeast Asia trip

Know About Weather

It is very important to know about the weather condition before traveling to any region of the world. Otherwise you will never know what to expect, so it is better to know about the weather before. The weather of Southeast Asia is difficult to guess as it is mostly in the tropical region. The climate is mostly humid all around the year and you will sweat a lot. You can study about the weather in the internet before actually visiting a county. It helps a lot to pack your back for the trip.

Try Different Foods

You don’t want to miss out the opportunity to taste the finest cuisines of Asia. You must try the street foods of Southeast Asia. The most exciting thing about the street food here is, those are also very cheap. However, the taste is unbelievably good for street foods. You will see plenty of hawkers selling street foods. You should try those to know about the food culture of this part of the world. It is said that anything in Asia is a food, so be prepare to find some surprises in the food menu.


Taking care of the budget is always very important for any kind of trip. You should plan your budget according to your tour. It is true that Southeast Asia can be a little less expensive than Europe, but a budget plan is very important nonetheless. The budget of your Southeast Asia will depend on how comfortably you want to travel. If any traveling condition is good enough for you then traveling won’t cost that much. Paying little for food and accommodation will allow you to travel more and that is the basic idea behind traveling.


Spend Time with Local

There are some benefits of traveling alone, you will get more time to spend with the local. It will provide a unique opportunity to know about their culture. It is always exciting to know about new people and about their culture. Try to spend time talking with the locals. You will understand the true essence of traveling when you spend time with the native people.

Explore More

There is no point to staying in a hotel room while being in a trip in Southeast Asia. You should spend more time exploring the outdoor.



Tips to improve your Travel Photography

Traveling the world with a camera sounds really interesting and exciting. The essence of Travel Photography is increasing with each passing day. People are looking for different aspects of the Travel Photography and that has created hype about. Every Travel Photographer is not a Photographer and that makes you different. You may have a camera but just can’t take photos like the professionals. Well, that is absolutely normal and that should actually be the case. You must, however, understand these things and improve yourself. Improving does not mean that you must take a course or something. Remember one thing that Travel Photography is something you are doing from the heart and no one can teach you that. If anyone can guide you for better travel photography then it’s you. However, I can suggest you the paths that would make your journey of improvement easier and simpler.

Understand the camera

This is the best part of the photography. A camera can make a lot of difference. However, you might not be aware of these things. The aperture, lens, angles and other things can make a huge difference to the photo. You must not concentrate on different modes or shades of the camera. However, you must practice and try to explore the exposure the photos with different angles, lens, and exposures. It is said that practice makes a man perfect and you can only be better with this technique.

Keep on working

You might not take a praiseworthy shot and then snap away with one shot. It does not really happen with anyone. You are taking a snap from an angle, that is looking good, but that does not mean it is the best shot you can take. You have to try and experiment different things to get the perfect shot on that. Apart from angle, you must get on low or above, take a far photo and a near photo as well. The different experiments will give you various options and then you can select from the best one.

Take the perfect snap

You always have to take a photo that is not only beautiful but also has the real essence of it. If you are taking a snap of a coffee shop, then you must make sure that you are focusing on the coffee mugs on the table. However, if people come in front or you get defocused a bit and so on, then you must retake the photo. The last snap you have taken might be beautiful but that is not justifying the essence of the photo. So, make sure that you are actually taking everything into consideration and finalizing the snap.


Do not move on quickly

What people generally do is that they move on after they are done with the shot of a location. Well, it may sound very logical to go to the next but that could make a difference to your photography. You should always make sure that you have cross checked all your photos for a particular location. You may not visit the place anytime soon, so it is better to be absolutely sure on the snaps taken.

If you follow these simple tips then you can improve the travel photography pretty soon.

Traveling Aboard: Things you should not wear


Traveling aboard seems like a simple and fun idea, but there are lots of thing you should consider before travelling. Going abroad is not like booking a ticket and getting onto the plane. The first thing you should consider is the safety issue. Landing on a country not familiar to you will have different culture and custom. You are likely to face problems while visiting a new country. Dressing up might not sound an important thing for a aboard tour. But it is very important as your dressing is a part of your own culture. You should consider things like customs, culture and most importantly the religious belief of a county while dressing. Some dressing tips are listed below for you –

Religiously Offensive Dressing

Religion is a very delicate issue in many countries and you should respect their belief. So try to keep your dressing religiously modest. You cannot dress up according to your will where people hold a strong religious customs. For example, the Middle Eastern countries religion is a very strong point. You can seek help from you guide to know about the culture of a country. For women, wearing short dress in Middle Eastern countries is considered offensive to their religion. Also you should not wear any short dress while visiting a holy place. The safest dresses are pants and long skirts.

Choosing the right Shoes

Wearing the right shoes is also important in aboard. Sneakers are considered as a sports shoe in Europe, but it is not same for every country. Try to wear comfortable leather shoes while visiting different places. You should also consider wearing closed toes shoe for your safety. Open toe shoes and sneakers are not good choices for an abroad visit.

Things not to wear on a plane

We love wearing shorts as they are very comfortable, but they are not for formal trip. Many countries also consider it offensive. No matter which country you are going to visit, try to avoid wearing shorts on a plane. Keep your shorts for beach and sport activity.

There is no point of wearing expensive jewelry while going to a new and unfamiliar place. Don’t burden yourself with unnecessary flashy jewelry. New places will expose you to new danger, so keep it simple unless you want to impress somebody with expensive stones.


Never wear dresses which illustrates religious matters and country flags on a plane. It is unwise to expose your opinion on a foreign country. So keep it simple and avoid this kind of costumes. You should also avoid dresses with military symbol and inappropriate words. These things will not make your journey a happy one.


We love to travel with backpacks so keep all of our things with us. A large backpack is the right choice for you if you are planning to visit many places. Don’t take large briefcase and luggage with you while travelling.


You might not find another opportunity to capture a moment in a foreign country. So keep your camera with you and don’t hang it on your neck. It is not a safe practice in an unknown place. Carry a camera which is small in size and can be easily kept in your bag.


Top Tips for Safe Traveling


For travelers the world may not seem to be an unsafe or dangerous place but the reality is quite the opposite actually. There are some places full of desperate nature and people. That place can be in your home town also. So a little precaution is always helpful when you are planning a travel. You can follow some simple tips to avoid any danger that you might face during traveling. Here is a list of top tips for your safe traveling –

Look Back

Develop a habit of looking back and checking back your arrangement before heading out to somewhere. Travel is always very exciting and also very distracting. So it is very common that you might forget something before you are leaving. But you don’t need to carry too many packages to make it safe. Carry the things which are not available where you are leaving for. Look back for your things in every steps of your travelling route. It ensures that you don’t lose anything in the way and makes your travel more comfortable.

Money Sources

Money is probably the most important thing to think about when you are planning a travel. It is likely that you won’t have anyone familiar where you are heading. You might not even have a money source in your destination. So separating the money sources can save you from whole lot of embarrassment. Keep at least one in different places, you may try keeping those to others. If you lose all of your money on the way, it will be very difficult to arrange a replacement. Being without money in a new place will make you feel absolutely helpless.

Keep your Purse Safe

Your purse makes sure that you enjoy the traveling the way you want. So keeping it safe from pickpocketing will ensure a safe travel. Always keep your purse on the front pocket. A pocket which can be buttoned up is the best option. Don’t leave it on the back pocket for the pickpocket. There are loads of money belts available in the market. Also your purse should be waterproof as traveling may involve rain and other rough weather. It is not cool to o advertise the fact that you have a load of money and valuables on you.


Bring Major Documents

Traveling should be uninterrupted so you can enjoy every moment of it. Now think about being held back at a certain checkpoint for not having appropriate documents. Scan your necessary travel documents and keep those in your bag. A photocopy of your passport and visa is always helpful during travelling. These days, digital is way better than old school- that way your important documents won’t go missing even if your bags do

Don’t Trust Strangers

It is not a good idea to make some quick friends in a new place. It doesn’t necessarily means that you can’t talk to anyone. But there should be limit of trust in a strange and new place.

Follow these tips to make your travel more exciting and safe.

What To Eat When Traveling

Even though we all get tempted to eat the delicious local food when on travel and it all looks great, after all its part of the experience, here is something you need to take into account and watch out for when eating abroad, especially in 3rd world countries.

1. Avoid eating Raw salads. The reason this is the case as with many countries, the water is no healthy and most foreigners get sick just by changing the water. In some cases, the local water could even carry viruses and could case many sicknesses. That being said, some salads are not even washed properly in these restaurants.


2. You could even save money by buying from the local grocery stores. Local stores usually carry a lot of food that is local and some that is imported which you can have. Cooking and washing it yourself is your best bet in some areas.It could also save you a lot of money.
If you apartment or hotel is not next to a grocery store. If you’re unfamiliar with an area just ask around! Sometimes you even have a fridge in your hotel! I always prefer to sleep in hotels/apartments that have fridges.

2. Never leave your hotel/room without a water bottle that you can trust. It can be filled from a place you trust or bought from it. I prefer usually reusable water bottles that i can fill up as i move around the country. Dont drink tap, fountain water and unpasteurized milk.

3. When ordering food from a a local restaurant, make sure that the place is clean and kitchen looks clean and the place is busy with people. This is indication that place is clean. After all, you dont want to eat off a plate that hasnt been cleaned properly and make sure not to drink tap water.

4. Avoid unpasteurized dairy products, including cheese and yogurt. Check labels for evidence of pasteurization; most canned milk is safe. Avoid as well raw meat and cold meat platters. They usualy are infested with bacteria and are unsafe.

5. It is best to eat cooked food. This way you make sure the food has been cooked at a certain temperature that will kill some forms of unsafe bacteria.

6. Avid purchasing food from street vendors. Its is safe in some places yet you wouldnt know what is safe and what isnt, so best to avoid it all together unless it came recommended.

street vendor

7. Try to eat healthy as much as you can. Being on the road can be tiring and a change in diet can make a person more prone to sicknesses and may loose some vital minerals and vitamins. Eating healthy includes mostly vegetarian dishes and peeled fruits.

8. Stick to safe foods that you know and look familiar. Risking eating food that is unknown could be thrilling to some people yet the risks outweigh the pleasure of it as getting sick on a vacation is the last things anyone wants to face!

9. Try not to intake any water when you are bathing or swimming. This water could be dangerous and make you sick instantaneously!