Best Cleaning Tips Before Traveling

A clean house isn’t an easy job especially when you have multiple cleaning tasks at hand and travel to prepare for. Almost everything at home needs cleaning and thus special care must be taken for each and every task. Well, but that often sounds confusing. But here is you can take care of the cleaning one by one in an effective manner before traveling.


Your doormat can be very effectively used to trap dirt. It can be used as a filter at home to restrict more and more dirt at the door. One can use a couple of doormat one outside of the door and the other inside of the door. The doormats should also be vacuumed to clean the dirt that is deposited. If not cleaned, the doormat would leave the dirt back to the home and that must be stopped.


Your window has a significant role in the clean house. People often do not clean the windows and that makes the house look dirty. Regularly clean the window and the windowpane for a sparkling clean home. Along with the window ensure that the drapes are cleaned as well. Dirty drapes are no good for cleaned windows. Hence both should be cleaned.

Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink needs regular cleaning. This does not only spoil the cleanliness of the kitchen but also creates an odor that you would not like. Also, a dirty kitchen sink would attract pests. Fortunately, cleaning the sink isn’t a tough job. All you need is a lemon and run it through the sink. Use cold water to clean afterward and you can dispel the smell and the oil from the sink. Thi scan come in handy as well when you are in hotels abroad.


The microwave needs to be cleaned regularly as well. It is very easy to clean it, however. All you need is microwave-safe bowl and put some lemon, a cup of water and vinegar. Let the solution boil and the steam should cover the glass. Let it cool for around 20 minutes and wipe it clean.


The countertops should be cleaned regularly for a shining house. You need some cleaner or police to clean it. You can always use lemon and vinegar solution made it home to clean it gently for better result. This would clean the countertops and also maintain the shine of it.

Cutting Board

If you want to clean your cutting board effectively, then all you have to do is have some salt or baking soda. Sprinkle some salt and soda on the board and the run through a half cut lemon. Clean the board with the water.


You must be cleaning the refrigerator from inside. However, never forget to clean the shelves and the bins of it. Use warm and soapy water to clean it to kill the bacteria and all the spills that the food makes.

Cleaning house is a complete task and it requires several cleaning activities. Traveling is already a stressful activity so hence doing cleaning the most efficient way will help relieve this stress. These cleaning activities can help you to get some sparkling home cleaning. It is best to get some deep cleaning done periodically as well for better results.

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