Best Travel Advices

Travelling is always fun and full of thrill and excitement. Visiting a new place needs preparation and planning. You have to be smart on your planning to make your travel even more safer and easier. So here are some travelling advices from frequent travelers.


Hotel Rates

You will need to stay on a hotel while travelling unless you have your own accommodation facility there. The hotel rates may vary on different occasion. For example, if you are travelling during a time of a festival or conference, the hotel rate may go up. Hotel rates are generally high during weekdays, as most business personnel stay in those. But when they leave the hotels during weekends, you will get a lower rate on the hotel. So compare before renting a hotel, you can save a lot of money with that process. Try to book hotels during the weekends.

Keep Dried Ginger root in Bag

This advice may sound strange but it is recommending during travel. It can help you to tackle cruise sickness. Many travelers feel sick on the ocean when they are in a cruise ship. It is sea sickness and it happens to most people. Ginger roots are very effective to combat this kind of sickness. You don’t want feel sick instead of enjoying your travel. Keep some dried ginger root with you and it might come in very handy.

Organized Packing

What you are carrying with you is the most important part of travelling. So packing is a very important process before travelling. Never rush with your packing, you may forget something important. Visiting a new place means exploring the unknown, it will be difficult to find items there which you need badly. So it is better to pack things you will need during travelling. Organized packing can make your travel a lot safer and easier. Also carry larger bags if you need to carry more items.

Dress Smart

It is very important that you are comfortable with your dress up while travelling.  Always wear something comfortable, no need to dress too much. Some nice fitted trousers and sweater can be a good combination while catching a flight. This kind of dress up also makes the security checkup lot faster and easier. If you are wearing complicated dresses, the security check will take a lot of time and you may even miss the flight. Dress smart for the occasion.

Eat Local

Food and accommodation are two of the major source of expenses while travelling. Most of us make the mistake of eating like a tourist while travelling to a new location. The best thing to do is to dine like a local. In that way you will be able to enjoy all items and also save some money. There are some expensive food items to attract tourist. Don’t fall in those traps. Enjoy regular foods which are unique for those locations. If you are in a country where English is not the local language and you find a restaurant menu in English, avoid that restaurant. Also never ask for restaurant recommendation.

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