Welcome to the Notre Dame Wrestling Travel Blog Diaries!

This blog is meant to provide readers with insight on Traveling with a twist and link to wrestling.

Why wrestling ?

We love it, its a soap opera to all the wrestling fans and so we wish to relate it to your travel and world experiences.

We hope with this to create some humour, some sound advice for both wrestling and travel and to provide our readers with a entertaining read.

Pack your bags and get ready to roll into the travel world!

We start of by telling you all about us. We have traveled extensively all over the world and we got hooked.

I mean there is not a year that passes without planning for atleast 3 trips and more if we can.

My husband and myself are literally addicted…

We do spend money on our trips, however, over the years we have learned A LOT of tips and tricks to help you manage your trip costs and we will show you how to travel luxury style and not backpacking style like what most people that travel on a budget do.

So just continue reading our blog and our articles to learn more!

In the meantime, heres a little “hello” from the Guards of the Royal residence in London.

London Guards

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