Limo Service in Montreal When Traveling ?

When traveling, the most important thing we usually like to do is treat ourselves to a good time, such as a fine restaurant, a fun party, a amazing limousine ride. We love doing all these things and more and this is what we refer to as a luxury vacation on a budget.

What we try to do is save on some things that we can save on and spend on the things that we love to do and in order to do that we need to save in some places and spend on others.

One of the most important things we learned to do when traveling is to go with reputable companies when picking a fancy entertainment. In our previous vacation in Montreal, we wanted to to treat ourselves to a Limousine service in Montreal to enjoy the cities culture, high rises, clubs, restaurants and dine in style.

When we arrive to the city, we looked up in google plus who recommended the a limousine company in Montreal and through connections and based on reviews we managed to find this company that gave us Montreal tour in a Limousine  and quite frankly it was well worth the buck. This was the best thing we did in the city and we recommend it as it they showed us all around and we had an amazing time and felt special for the day. They had amazing prices and we felt that when we saved a little the day before we were able to afford the ride and a fancy restaurant in the town. SO we try our best to stick to our travel budget so we are able to travel everywhere in this world.

The main dilema that most people have is that limousines cost a lot of money and that they are not worth it.

We say, really !?

Have you ever spent on a expensive meal in an expensive restaurant? is a good meal not worth the money ? Perhaps to some people and maybe not to others.

Same thing for limousines, have you ever experienced a ride that makes you feel vip, stylish, important, fun, and romantic with your partner? Add that to a trip abroad … and you have the ultimate day…

If you haven’t tried this before, then you should, and if you have then did you love it like we did ?

For our next trip to Toronto, we will definitely be getting into google plus again and finding a limousine service that will tour me the wineries !

We personally loved every minute in Montreal and we would recommend it to any traveler.

Montreal is a fun city and the best way to party and enjoy good food.

One of the things we loved to do in this city is go to the French quarter and enjoy a nice French authentic meal. This was truly worth it. Mind you, we had to reserve the restaurant ahead of time so please prepare for it before you go to the city.

Montreal culture is debatable whether it is close to France or not. It is French though is it really French France ?!

They have a unique architecture that is different than France, and they have a unique language that is different slightly accent from France and the food is even slightly different in some ways.

So when you travel to Montreal, make sure to local French restaurants, a city limo ride and a resto bar for the night to enjoy drinking.


Renting an Apartment instead of a Hotels

We had never in the past thought that this would be our major mode of stay when traveling but once discovered it is an awesome way to save and make the most out of your stay. Below is a list of why this is the best way to stay on travel while still maintaining a luxury vacation.


1- Apartments are Cheaper than hotels, and in some cases motels as well.

2- Has a kitchen that can be used.

4- Most of the time you get a better location than the same price staying in a hotel. This is what happened to us in San Fransisco and Hawaii.

5- People are always friendly and you can ask them about the place and where to go for local hangouts.

6- If you are on a budget, you can save by eating breakfast and making sandwiches for lunch and keep all the money you have for an outstanding dinner.

7- Depending on the apartment, you can get private amenities such as a private barbeque are and even a private pool. This is what we had in France.

8- Why bother with taxes, services fees, property fees etc that some hotels have. With apartment rental, the price you see is the price you pay.


1- Might still be expensive in some cities and would only make sense when its more than one person staying there to split costs.

2- No one will clean after you everyday and no maid service in most of them until after you leave.

3- Some Apartments you would rent might not have ACs, Heaters, Phone etc so it might be difficult to use some facilities that you might need. Just watch out with the amenities that you need prior to renting it and make sure you discuss this with the renter.

4- Some people are nervous renting from someone you dont know anything about. Thats why, its best to always look at reviews and what people say about the renter and their place.

5- In some places, such as mexico, staying in a resort package is so cheap it does not make sense renting an apartment given all what you get with a resort package.

We hope we have convinced you to rent instead of book a hotel in for your next trip for some cities.

If you need to check what services we offer prior to traveling, check out our resources page for details.


On a budget and Traveling To Expensive Cities?

If you are traveling to an expensive city and wondering how to cut back on expenses without feeling like you are a backpacker.. no offense to any backpackers.. I’ve done that a few years ago but I dont have the capability of traveling with a backpack anymore on my shoulder as i will suffer with back pains!!!

So that being said, here is a recent advise i have on my recent trip to San Francisco.

We always wanted to visit this beautiful city yet did not know how expensive it is until we started looking for a hotel there for 3 nights….

I was shocked… a 1 stars hotel that looks so horrible i would be worried how the room looks like, its about $250/night…

That was shocking and it deterred me in a way. I know SF is a nice city, but is it really worth that price and not only at that price, but the hotel was shady…

Well, heres what we did:

1. Look at and any other apartment rental site. We found an amazing apartment in the heart of SF at $160/night. We were pretty much close to everything.

2. Since we picked a strategic location apartment, we walked to most places and it was actually really nice as we got to see the city and the different houses and neighborhoods. If you dont want to walk, the subway system is always an option and so is the Uber taxi rides.

3. Always look online prior to arriving for deals on day trips and passes. We purchased the SF Go Card and we got in to most all attractions for a one time fee of $80. This price even included a wine tour which usually goes for $99 a person. It also included a bus hop on and off which served us good by saving on travel time around the city.

4. If you want to save even more money, you could buy some food from the local stores and just make sandwiches and breakfast to save on some money during the day and perhaps keep the nice food for dinner.

If i can give one advice to ALL travelers it would be this…

Always check what the local city has to offer you in online prior to going since this is where you will find most of the deals and savings.

Keep looking into my recent articles to get the most out of your traveling and transportation.

I do understand that some people have kids and family and cant walk around, but most of costs when traveling come from hotels and ticket… so once you rent an apartment, half your costs of hotels is reduced, the apartment is more cozy than a hotel and you get to save on food if you want to purchase some food for the family for morning breakfast.

I would though always recommend experiencing the local restaurants as you are on a vacation and eating our is part of the whole experience  🙂




Welcome to the Notre Dame Wrestling Travel Blog Diaries!


This blog is meant to provide readers with insight on Traveling with a twist and link to wrestling.

Why wrestling ?

We love it, its a soap opera to all the wrestling fans and so we wish to relate it to your travel and world experiences.

We hope with this to create some humour, some sound advice for both wrestling and travel and to provide our readers with a entertaining read.

Pack your bags and get ready to roll into the travel world!

We start of by telling you all about us. We have traveled extensively all over the world and we got hooked.

I mean there is not a year that passes without planning for atleast 3 trips and more if we can.

My husband and myself are literally addicted…

We do spend money on our trips, however, over the years we have learned A LOT of tips and tricks to help you manage your trip costs and we will show you how to travel luxury style and not backpacking style like what most people that travel on a budget do.

So just continue reading our blog and our articles to learn more!

In the meantime, heres a little “hello” from the Guards of the Royal residence in London.

London Guards