Limo Service in Montreal When Traveling ?

When traveling, the most important thing we usually like to do is treat ourselves to a good time, such as a fine restaurant, a fun party, a amazing limousine ride. We love doing all these things and more and this is what we refer to as a luxury vacation on a budget.

What we try to do is save on some things that we can save on and spend on the things that we love to do and in order to do that we need to save in some places and spend on others.

One of the most important things we learned to do when traveling is to go with reputable companies when picking a fancy entertainment. In our previous vacation in Montreal, we wanted to to treat ourselves to a Limousine service in Montreal to enjoy the cities culture, high rises, clubs, restaurants and dine in style.

When we arrive to the city, we looked up in google plus who recommended the a limousine company in Montreal and through connections and based on reviews we managed to find this company that gave us Montreal tour in a Limousine  and quite frankly it was well worth the buck. This was the best thing we did in the city and we recommend it as it they showed us all around and we had an amazing time and felt special for the day. They had amazing prices and we felt that when we saved a little the day before we were able to afford the ride and a fancy restaurant in the town. SO we try our best to stick to our travel budget so we are able to travel everywhere in this world.

The main dilema that most people have is that limousines cost a lot of money and that they are not worth it.

We say, really !?

Have you ever spent on a expensive meal in an expensive restaurant? is a good meal not worth the money ? Perhaps to some people and maybe not to others.

Same thing for limousines, have you ever experienced a ride that makes you feel vip, stylish, important, fun, and romantic with your partner? Add that to a trip abroad … and you have the ultimate day…

If you haven’t tried this before, then you should, and if you have then did you love it like we did ?

For our next trip to Toronto, we will definitely be getting into google plus again and finding a limousine service that will tour me the wineries !

We personally loved every minute in Montreal and we would recommend it to any traveler.

Montreal is a fun city and the best way to party and enjoy good food.

One of the things we loved to do in this city is go to the French quarter and enjoy a nice French authentic meal. This was truly worth it. Mind you, we had to reserve the restaurant ahead of time so please prepare for it before you go to the city.

Montreal culture is debatable whether it is close to France or not. It is French though is it really French France ?!

They have a unique architecture that is different than France, and they have a unique language that is different slightly accent from France and the food is even slightly different in some ways.

So when you travel to Montreal, make sure to local French restaurants, a city limo ride and a resto bar for the night to enjoy drinking.


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