Staying For Free When Traveling

The big dilema that people have when traveling for a long period of time is not the cost of the airline ticket but actually the cost of the stay in this country.

Costs of hotels, apartments or whatever mean you are using to lodge in a country can be quite expensive and adds up if you will be traveling for a long time. If you dont have someone to stay at in that country then you should expect a large amount of your travel budget to go to  lodging expenses.

That being said there are several ways you can go by that will actually cost you nothing and you will need to do is handle your personal expenses. Below is a list of the options you have ot stay for free while traveling:

1. Exchange Lodging with other travelers.

What that means is that there are sites out there where you can offer a stay at your place in exchange they offer their place in the country of your interest. There are many of these sites, one of them is Global free loaders site that has many people in there that believe in this concept and would love to exchange with others like them.

Of coarse, just like any other matters in life, you need to be careful when offering your place and just take the necessary precautions so that you can rest easy and not worry when you are away. A good idea if you have neighbors they can check constantly on your place when the other person lodges in it. Take precaution to lookout that this person has a picture on their profile with reviews and you can even opt to verify the person’s credentials!

2. Another option for free lodging which is one of my favorite is house sitting.

Basically you will house sit a house in exchange they will offer you a free stay. House sitting sometimes is accompanied by perhaps sitting their dog or watering the plant which is not a lot of work in my opinion yet the benefits you get out of it are tremendous by helping someone else and getting a free stay. Try and many others exist as well.

3. Earn your Free stay.

This is a popular method used by many backpackers who want to stay for a long time in a place. For this method, you will actually have to work a few hours a day in order to get free stay and food. Usually the work is very light and is only a few hours a day and you will end up with enough time to enjoy the rest of the day and tour in the specific country. Many site s that offer this have some conditions to stay for a specific period of time and so this is usually ideal for the ones looking for long term travel.

4. Backbackers and hostels.

Some of these places are extremely cheap and are ideal for people who don’t want to stay long in one place and want to have their whole day open and not considering all the above as an option!


5. Teach a language.

Some place like China have families that will offer you a free stay if you would teach them a couple of hours a day the language. I think thats a great deal if you will be traveling to places where english language is highly desirable and people would go out of their way to get to learn or practice with someone for it.!


I personally like all the above options and use the different options depending on how long and what i will be doing in a specific place.

Enjoy it wherever you go and take safety and precautions as a traveler.

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