Traveling Aboard: Things you should not wear


Traveling aboard seems like a simple and fun idea, but there are lots of thing you should consider before travelling. Going abroad is not like booking a ticket and getting onto the plane. The first thing you should consider is the safety issue. Landing on a country not familiar to you will have different culture and custom. You are likely to face problems while visiting a new country. Dressing up might not sound an important thing for a aboard tour. But it is very important as your dressing is a part of your own culture. You should consider things like customs, culture and most importantly the religious belief of a county while dressing. Some dressing tips are listed below for you –

Religiously Offensive Dressing

Religion is a very delicate issue in many countries and you should respect their belief. So try to keep your dressing religiously modest. You cannot dress up according to your will where people hold a strong religious customs. For example, the Middle Eastern countries religion is a very strong point. You can seek help from you guide to know about the culture of a country. For women, wearing short dress in Middle Eastern countries is considered offensive to their religion. Also you should not wear any short dress while visiting a holy place. The safest dresses are pants and long skirts.

Choosing the right Shoes

Wearing the right shoes is also important in aboard. Sneakers are considered as a sports shoe in Europe, but it is not same for every country. Try to wear comfortable leather shoes while visiting different places. You should also consider wearing closed toes shoe for your safety. Open toe shoes and sneakers are not good choices for an abroad visit.

Things not to wear on a plane

We love wearing shorts as they are very comfortable, but they are not for formal trip. Many countries also consider it offensive. No matter which country you are going to visit, try to avoid wearing shorts on a plane. Keep your shorts for beach and sport activity.

There is no point of wearing expensive jewelry while going to a new and unfamiliar place. Don’t burden yourself with unnecessary flashy jewelry. New places will expose you to new danger, so keep it simple unless you want to impress somebody with expensive stones.


Never wear dresses which illustrates religious matters and country flags on a plane. It is unwise to expose your opinion on a foreign country. So keep it simple and avoid this kind of costumes. You should also avoid dresses with military symbol and inappropriate words. These things will not make your journey a happy one.


We love to travel with backpacks so keep all of our things with us. A large backpack is the right choice for you if you are planning to visit many places. Don’t take large briefcase and luggage with you while travelling.


You might not find another opportunity to capture a moment in a foreign country. So keep your camera with you and don’t hang it on your neck. It is not a safe practice in an unknown place. Carry a camera which is small in size and can be easily kept in your bag.


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